Vidéo : Afro House Dance | Dj Famifox ft Nunex – Djembe Tradicional


Every night I have eaten too much candy.

So the principal character is me…What? Ok, I see you coming, but you wrong…

Let me finish, so, what was I saying ? Oh, yes, the principal character is me… yes, me Sir, which is not a pathological sign of self-importance, but just normal… Yes it is Ma’am ! Imagine the guy whose dreams are all about, let see…his neighbor‘s dog for example, THAT would be pathological !

So here I am in my made-by-candies dream, happily walking in the streets when, all of sudden a crocodile comes and asks for my number – here we are, THAT particular part, is a sign of outrageous self-importance 😉 !

Ok, I am kind but not dumb…I run ! But the bastard follows me in Paris streets, then, because I keep running, in all kind of World towns, and then in a sort of magic place where we eventually land (yes, in the meantime we started flying ).

So we are in this magic land, me with my arms crossed, staring at him like “Duuuude…you’ve got some time to waste”, him like “I go where I go…” Then we start to hear a little melody, that goes louder and louder, an African song which happens to be sung by other animals…Yeah, I know, crazy right ? 

But crazy or not, I am a dancer : I hear a song…I dance !